Lock is a Core-tech monsuno. It is a hybrid of lion, a gorilla and a elephant and a Аpolar bear. and a Diamond-Backed. Lock is Lynchpin and most powerful Monsuno.


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First Appearence: Clash

Special Move: Inner Shine

Power: 40

Faction: Core-tech

Controller: Chase Suno 

Special MovesEdit

  • Elemental Armor
  • Power Harness
  • Inner Shine
  • Energy Wave
  • Grappling Blast
  • Jaw of Light
  • Shooting Battery
  • Power Charge
  • Light Spikes
  • Elemental Vulcan
  • Energy Spike
  • Emerald Diamond Rain
  • Omega Blast
  • Burning Moons
  • Reflection Bolt
  • Jade Surge